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Monday, January 27, 2020

Paint nights I have done

This I did not paint myself but my 9 yr old Lucy did, and I think it would be fun for a paint night.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

New Ogden Temple, vertical, pencil

Sunday, October 7, 2018

I have been posting all of my artwork on my Instagram page: @Bobbideeart

I am not sure if I will continue updating this blog or not.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Some of April art 2018

All of the temples on my site are temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 

 Oquirrh Mountain Temple, tried watercolor this time.

 Olivia, 9, pastels

 Avery, 9, prisma color, pastel

Stone, 8, pastels
 Parker E, 6, watercolor

 Noah, 11, watercolor

 Parker E, 6, pastels

Ally, 6, watercolor

 Fixed Ogden, pencil

 Fixed Bountiful, pencil

 Fixed Brigham City, pencil

Fixed Jordan River, pencil

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Jan-Mar 2018 Art

 I am not in Texas anymore but have started up art classes here in UT now. I have some great students and need to post more often!

 Parker E, 5, pastels.

 Noah, 11 start of project

Tate, 11, prisma color pencil

 Ally, 6 watercolor

 Ally, 6, watercolor

Parker W, 8, oil pastels

 Parker E, 5, Oil pastels

 Olivia, 9 pencil

 Carter, 10, oil pastels.

 Bobbidee, back in '94, senior in High School, Oil on Canvas

 Stone, 8 pencil

 Ally, 6, pastels

 Aydree, 9, prisma color pencil

 Korver, 5, prisma color pencil

 Stone, 8, pencil

Parker W, 8, oil pastels

 Mary, 10, Prisma colors and chalk

 Cash, 6, pencil.

Noah, 11, Prisma color pencil and pastels.

Beckett, 6 pastels

 Ally, 6, oil pastels

 Stone, 8, Prisma colors

 Aydree, 9, prisma colors.

 Londyn, 14, prisma color pencils.

 Stone, 8, pencil.

 Beckett, 6 oil pastels

 Tyler, 12, prisma color pencils.

 Brigham, 14, back in December, prisma color pencils

 me, Bobbidee, just redid some of the trees of the Ogden, UT Temple. pencil

Stone, 8, pencil and pastels

Parker E, 5, oil pastels

 Brinley, 9, prisma color pencil

 Tate, 11, prisma color pencil

 Cash, 6 pencil

 Olivia, 9, pencil

 Brinley, 9, pencil

 Avery, 9, prisma colors.

Carter, 10, oil pastels

 Beckett, 6, oil pastels

Korver, 5, oil pastels

Cash, 6, pastels

Olivia, 9, pencil

Noah, 11, pencil

 Beckett, 6, pastels

Tate, 11, prisma colors

 Olivia, 9, pencil

 Noah, 11, prisma color

 Korver, 5, oil pastels.

I did this in December for my Brother-in-laws present. Caran D ache colored pencils.

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