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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Reflection pieces from my kids only

Brigham, 14, prisma pencil

Lucy, 11, acrylic painting on canvas

Sarah, 7, acrylic painting on canvas

Mary, 9, acrylic painting on canvas

wire flower I bought and mounted to painted canvas

The theme for Reflections was "Within Reach" this year. The kids worked hard and their paintings turned out beautiful. I think I am going to start teaching art classes again in January. :) I have all sorts of ideas for my own paintings but not time for that right now.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Spring 2017 art

I recently lost a whole year of pictures on my computer. So I only have what I took this week in art class to show for this quarter. I am so sad. I did put some of them on my new Art Instagram. It is Bobbideeart.  I am missing several birds from the Roper girls and a peacock from Khloe.

Hannah, 12, watercolor

Khloe, 8, oil pastels

Lillian, 13, mid-project, 

Caytie, 10, oil pastels, mid-project

Gracie, 12, prisma color

Peighton, 9, oil pastels and chalk

I am moving to a different State in 2 weeks so this may be my last post for a while. I am so thankful to have worked with these kids. It has been an awesome experience for me and my family!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Winter Art

Madison B, 10 yr, pastels
 This piece of Madison's has recently been moved onto the State level for the Reflections contest. We are excited to see how it does!

Sarah E, pastels, 5

Khloe M, 7 oil pastels

Khloe-7, pencil, pastel

Sarah-5, prisma

Lillian, mid project, prisma, 12

Mary, 8, prisma

Brigham, 13, prisma-pastels

Lillian, 12, prisma-pastel
 This piece of Lillian's went to State in the Reflections contest. We are excited to hear how it does!

Khloe, 7, oil pastels

Gracie- 11, prisma-pastels

Peighton, 9, pastels

Peighton, 9, oil pastels

Caytie, 9, oil pastels, pastels

Khloe, 7, pastels
With the arrival of a new baby I have had to cut all the way down to one class. And since we are moving this summer I am slowly tapering off.  Awesome work Students! Keep up the great work!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Summer Art

Madison, 10, watercolor

Lillian, 12, pencil

Sarah, 5, acrylic

Madison, 10, acrylic and pastel, prisma colors

Hannah, 11, watercolor

Madison, 10, acrylic

Lillian, 12, acrylic

Brigham, 13, in process, prisma colors

Lillian, 12, mixed media, watercolor, wire, flowers.

Sarah, 5, acrylic

Mary, 8, acrylic

Lillian, 12, acrylic

Madison, 10, acrylic

Lillian, pencil, in process, 12

Madison, in process, pastel, 10

Lucy, acrylic, 10

Sarah, 5, pastel and prisma

Hannah, 11, prisma

Hannah, 11, prisma and chalk

Katelyn, 11, acrylic

Jared. 7, acrylic

Veeka, 10, acrylic

Elena, 12, acrylic

Hunter G, prisma and chalk

Charley, 12, pencil

Victoria, 15, prisma and chalk

Katelyn, 11, acrylic

Jared R, 7, prisma colors

Bobbidee, acrylic

Charley, 12, prisma

Veeka, 10, acrylic

Hunter G, 10, prisma colors

Hannah, 11, prisma color

Hannah, 11, prisma colors

Hannah, 11, acrylic
Busy Awesome Summer!

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